WOWL Podcast: Can DC Legends Mobile Be Saved?

🎧 Tune in and Explore: WOWL's State of DC Legends Mobile Podcast episode! From game economics through bugs and monthly recurring issues. Can DCL be saved? A must-listen for any member of the community.

WOWL Podcast: Can DC Legends Mobile Be Saved?
Can DC Legends Get it's Own Rebirth? (CD: DC Comics, Rebirth)
While this blog is more content driven and less about just linking to other sources, we feel the urgency in the latest WOWL podcast justifies its own post in hopes to reach more of the player base.

Hello, are you still there?

Dive into this special edition podcast by the WOWL crew as they break down the state of DC Legends, and perhaps, how it can be saved.

In this edition of the WOWL broadcast, the team—Hatemael, Burger, M4Y15, OlmosDef, and Hawkguy—will discuss DC Legends issues, signs of it showing its age, and how it might not be all she wrote for the game.

Episode Highlights

Exploring the Current State of DC Legends and Ideas for a Brighter Future

The Monthly F*ck Up

August is upon us! And with it comes the Colosseum event failure, and new pay-to-win Siege Energy—Man, what a mess...

Game Economics

The introduction of TapJoy's systems to the game triggered a complete shift in the in-game economy, with deals so good, DCL practically distanced its players from the in-game store.

The change caused a major issue as players from different regions, or even mobile phone types, receive entirely different rewards.

Maybe it's time to bring deals back to the game shop instead. It felt like an attempt was made during July with new, more intriguing sales (Reference: July 2023 Store Sales).

In the podcast, some ideas on how to address the issue are introduced. The crew also entertains the idea of adding new progression levels to spend on, but not before the major issues below are addressed!

DC Legends Cheats: It's All Over Your PvP Boards

Cheaters are abundant in the game, affecting our PvP ranking and stealing our Raid bosses. Modified hacked game clients are too easy to come by. Is there another way?

DC Legends Age: Can a Dip in Lazarus Pit Help

The game's dated UI, and small QoL features asked for years now, are just some examples brought up by the team in the podcast!

Raids are outdated. Is the grind still worthwhile? When first added, Raid rewards were fantastic! However, with the game mode being around for some time and the increased competition at the top, does it still hold its value?


The team briefly discusses the overwhelming number of bugs that still plague the game and questions the apparent interesting bug-fixing priorities.

According to Hatemael, the podcast will be sent to the developer team for review. In the meantime, as a community, we can keep bringing up these issues in a productive and respectful manner. Who knows, maybe this time?

Tune in and listen to the podcast if any of these topics piqued your interest. It's a 1-hour long deep dive into the current state of DC Legends, exploring potential solutions and sharing perspectives from the WOWL crew about the game we all love and care about. Happy listening!

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